Experienced Product Creation

Delivering iOS apps, Web APIs, and Electronics, in Vancouver BC

Experience & Skills

15 years of craft. Native iOS, Web Apps, APIs, Databases, Product Roadmaps

Concept to Design

Excel at taking a concept to a workable useful design.
Projects: lululemon R&D, InTouch, Geekpod, Binder, Nugg, AlarmTalk

Native iPhone & iPad Apps, and Web Apps, Delivered

Quality apps created in iOS native language.
Projects: Sierra Wireless, Geekpod, Binder, Food Network, AlarmTalk, Peer 1, Amazing Story, Biolux, TweetTalk

API & Backend & Databases

Solid server code built on reliable scalable servers, with automatic data backups.
Projects: Sierra Wireless, Geekpod, Binder, Westbank, Rennie, Peer 1

Electronics & Bluetooth

Need something made a bit out of the norm ? I have experience.
Projects: lululemon R&D, Westbank, Rennie, Shangri-La Hotels

Enterprise iPad & web

Binder is an iPad app that automates getting new & updated corporate materials to your employees in the field. Its Web interface enables team or department leaders to upload new or updated content and, with a click of a button, notify all the sales reps of the changed content.

  • Supreme focus on ease of use for field staff using iPad app
  • Web portal built to upload content pushed to field staff
  • Customers include Sierra Wireless, Vancouver Tourism, & GM UAE
  • Further Binder Info

iphone & web

iPhone App and Web. Create a shelf to recollect what you've read, watched & played. geekpod automatically builds an daily feed from the media you've added to your shelf. And its a nice way to discover, buy and sell the things you love.

  • iPhone app and shareable web page
  • Smartly uses the users shelf for a feed. Reason to use app often
  • Commerce component with chat built in
  • Backend built as JSON API serving app and web
  • Visit Site & Download App

Legacy Product to Mobile Rethink

Brought on to rethink desktop product for mobile. Interviewed stakeholders, iterated and delivered new UX, decided on parallel rollout to keep legacy and new customers happy.

  • Rethought interface. Presented only relevant information to role user logged in as, made important numbers more obvious. Created intuitive step by step UX
  • Defined realistic Sprints and step by step Rollout Plan to keep legacy and new customers happy
  • Met with and interviewed stakeholders. Customers, CEO, team. Studied competition

Alarm Talk
iPhone app of note

Beautiful iOS app AlarmTalk speaks your day's agenda and local weather. Created with Josh Carpenter

Amazing Story
Private Social

An idea that was a perhaps a bit too early. Amazing Story, an iOS App & Web app, to create stories based around personal shared events - like a vacation. Invite friends, keep your own story but then see friend additions as well. Focused on pics, text, and maps. Created with Stephen Schmidt

Process & Backend

Nugg helps teams perform better by asking key questions, and bubbling up potential issues.

Helped recruit team and build vision of 2 founders. Worked with team to define and nail down idea and concepts into working product. Built API, middleware and database components.


Worked with fantastic team to build amazing experiences for showrooms. Using mostly Arduino, custom electronics, HD video and light syncing, and software connected to screens controlling hardware. Award winning and innovative.

  • Customers included Shangri-La Hotels, Rennie, and Westbrook development
  • "Hack of the Year" award winning solution
  • Combination of hardware and software

Do Good

Try to give back a bit

Be Like Ada

Co-founded Be Like Ada teach code event with Sandra Wear. Came up with innovative method of teaching using real lego mirrored with coding concepts in python. Taught 150 high school girls. Sponsored by Telus, SAP, and UBC Computing Science.

Medikali & Open Source

Wrote Medical Case Web Software for storing and marking up medical images and storing patient cases. Open sourced project with support of University of Alberta Computing Science department and National Kidney Foundation. Used by over a dozen developing countries.


Was "Lego Consultant" for Douglas Coupland Exhibit. Spent one year curating out of print lego parts for project, & and then assembling in gallery. Coupland called my work "the easiest hands off project assistant he has ever worked with". Shown at Vancouver Art Gallery and international museums.

Ideation, electronics, iOS
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