Using iPod Nano as an iPhone Second Screen

Apple's iPod Nano has all the features to be a great 2nd screen to the iPhone. iOS6 bluetooth allows for information sharing between iPhone and the Nano, the screen is large enough to show useful amount of information, and it has a touch screen to quickly go through information. The connection would also remove the need to manually sync the iPod Nano with iTunes on a computer.

Benefits of a 2nd Screen Device

The iPod Nano would act as a second screen to select iOS applications. While it might seem minor to take out an iPhone from the pocket, sometimes the iPhone is not always accessible. The iPhone could be in pocket while sitting, you may want directions while biking, or the iPhone may not be near while exercising.

:: The Nano displaying SMS and iMessage alerts

:: A scrolling list of appointments. The next appointment is at the top.

:: Apple Map directions. The list would be scrollable.

Connecting the Nano to the iPhone

The iPod Nano has bluetooth 4. As compared to previous versions of bluetooth, this version uses a fraction of battery power. Battery life can be days instead of hours. Bluetooth 4 also makes the pairing process much quicker. If an iPhone uses the Nano as a second screen, the accessible apps iOS square icon would show up on the Nano. This would visually separate the linked apps from the built in ones on the Nano. If the connection is severed, the apps would disappear.

Wearing the Nano

The previous Nano was watch sized, and perfect for the wrist in a traditional sense. However clay tests with the current nano show it also wristable (ps. my wrist is very skinny). It could also be worn on a lanyard, which Apple offered with the original iPod Shuffle.

No More iTunes Syncing - Controlling Music on iPhone

The bluetooth connection between the Nano and iPhone would also let the Nano control the music on the iPhone. This would remove the hassle of having to sync the Nano with a computer in order to get content on it. Via iCloud the iPhone would auto-sync music and podcasts between the user's iPhone, Macs, and other devices.

Why Current 2nd Screen Devices Fail

There is an attempt to take the current watch form and make it into a second screen.

:: While the Pebble watch is exciting, the screen isn't the quality we expect from our devices. Given the screen shape and quality, the translation of iOS notifications isn't of high quality.

:: The Cuckoo watch looks great. Only problem is the information has no value. Only indicating "You have an alarm, chat message, appointment, or call" provides no usable information.

Chances of the iPod Nano as a 2nd Screen

The current Nano is a curious device released by Apple. Typically Apple just doesn't include technology in their products as a spec check point, but fully think out the potential of the new technology. Then combined with software they showcase the tech with an exciting new use (airplay being one example). The Bluetooth in the iPod Nano is vastly underused, having second screen devices would also show an exciting new side to iOS.

Written by Jot Kali. I make iOS apps : wirus

Jan 5th 2013